Until recently the people of Shimbwe collected their drinking water from streams. Unfortunately this water could be subject to contamination, so many people, particularly children suffer or die from waterborne diseases such as amoebiasis, typhoid fever and parasitic infestation.


We knew the provision of safe clean water would make a lasting transformation in everybody’s quality of life.


To that end we’re working towards providing clean safe water to everybody in Shimbwe Ward eliminating waterborne diseases forever.


So far we have built several water intakes, two reservoirs and many domestic pressure points covering 80% of the ward and are already seeing the cumulative effects of access to clean water like:


  • People with more time and energy, therefore working harder and improving productivity
  • Children able to spend more time on their homework and leisure activities, especially girls
  • Less money spent on medicines; therefore the cash will be spent on other commodities
  • Life expectancy will increase, as children will survive to reach adulthood
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Having raised the funds and overseen construction of the Shimbwe Secondary School, which opened in 1998, Shimbwe Development Trust continues to support its ongoing development.


The establishment of Shimbwe Secondary School continues to make positive impact on young lives enabling many young people to become lawyers, teachers, engineers, doctors, social workers, bankers, civil servants, police, army personnel, entrepreneurs along with many other skills and qualifications.


The fruits of their achievements are subsequently trickling down to their extended families and contributing to the increased health and wealth of the communities at large enhancing many people’s quality of life.


“We want to continue this investment in the community by adding more classrooms to Shimbwe Secondary School, upgrading teaching equipment and support the Teachers Initiative Program to attract the best staff.”

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With its remote setting Shimbwe can be difficult to access, especially during the rainy season. In another example of investment attracting investment, since implementing a safe clean water system the Government has built a state of the art health center with electricity and running safe clean tap water, currently providing outpatient and maternity services to the community and beyond.

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