New School Catering Facility: First Phase Complete

The new catering facility has been in operation now for two weeks to the delight of school head chef who is now able to prepare meals on new stoves without filling the entire room with smoke.

“We are really privileged to be working in such a good facility. I really do no know how we managed without it all these years. As preparing meals in the old kitchen was physically more tasking, particularly when cooking the labour intensive staple food ugali, which requires a lot of mashing and mixing. The huge pans just sat on bare bricks, therefore the pans would slide around quit a bit. While using the old open kitchen, we had to use more fire wood , therefore it was more expensive and which means we can spare more trees.” Mr L. Seleto, School Cook

The catering building consists of a kitchen, store and office. The Trust also commissioned six wood using stoves, four massive stainless steel pans, complete with fitted lids, specially designed to fit tightly on the stoves, to contain the fire and smoke and a few cupboards.  We have also made future provision to extend the catering block to accommodate a dining hall.

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