Childhood Sweethearts Tibruce and Nice

In 1999 we were one of the lucky ones to enroll at Shimbwe Secondary School. We were really pleased and very excited for the opportunity, as before 1998 only very few ex-primary seven Shimbwe pupils got a chance to pursue secondary education. This was due to the few day and boarding Secondary Schools available in Tanzania. This meant most of our older friends and family missed out on this golden opportunity.

“The construction of the school was a stepping stone as it enabled us to continue with our studies. After obtaining a certificate of Secondary education, we got a chance to pursue further studies in other institutions and attained qualifications. – Tibruce Senya

Tibruce graduated from Teacher Training College and is now a Secondary School teacher, and really thriving in his role. His wife Nice is now a qualified nurse working in the local community.

We got married in 2010-and have being blessed with two healthy lovely sons. As we are both working, we are also able to give some practical and financial support to our beloved extended family. Furthermore, with the gift of easy access to safe clean water and electricity, we have had the luxury of enjoying tap-water and electricity – Nice Fraterne

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