Improvements in quality of life

Clean water for all

Residents of the Shimbwe Ward have faced a challenging reality, forced to rely on streams for drinking water that could be contaminated. This caused not only considerable health issues but also hardship in their day-to-day lives due to preventable illnesses like amoebiasis and typhoid fever. In response, we are working hard towards providing clean safe water where it is most needed.

Fewer parasitic infestations among children

With 60% coverage already achieved through building multiple intakes, water tanks and pressure releasing points – changes are visibly taking place! Already this new access has seen an improvement in quality of life as well as fewer cases of dangerous parasitic infestation among children - demonstrating how vital progress within this sector can be for whole communities moving forward.

“To see the progress of the water project, fills me with great pride as I have been involved with this project from the beginning”

– Joyce, Trustee