Shimbwe Secondary School welcomes it's first intake of pupils

Shimbwe's first secondary school opens.

7/30/19981 min read

Having raised the funds and overseen construction of the Shimbwe Secondary School, which opened in 1998, Shimbwe Development Trust continues to support its ongoing development.

The establishment of Shimbwe Secondary School continues to make a positive impact on young lives enabling many young people to become lawyers, teachers, engineers, doctors, social workers, bankers, civil servants, police, army personnel, entrepreneurs along with many other skills and qualifications.

The fruits of their achievements are subsequently trickling down to their extended families and contributing to the increased health and wealth of the communities at large, enhancing many people’s quality of life.

”We want to continue this investment in the community by adding more classrooms to Shimbwe Secondary School, upgrading teaching equipment and supporting the Teachers Initiative Program to attract the best staff.”

- Peter, Chair - Shimbwe Development Trust